#Arlington National #Cemetery. Tragically stunning.

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i hate myself, but that’s okay

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a-ribbon-around-a-bomb Asked: you really made me want to go dancing. I went to some clubs, but I am sure none of them could ever give you that unique vibe you wrote about. That's something I'd love to experience. / I didn't know there was a museum dedicated to Pessoa, I'll be so glad to visit it - and I'm sure I will have tons of fun, especially if you want to be my guide! / I'm sure you will love Italy. It has a haunting power on foreigners. Today school started again, so my friends and I cheered ourselves up by visiting -


Aw I’m sure you’d love it! You could dance to beautiful songs such as this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7ZhD34eXLI (it sounds like being in love <3) I like clubbing too, it’s a different experience but it still feels great especially if you are with good company! Yes, there is a museum dedicated to Pessoa, you can start becoming pumped up by checking its website http://casafernandopessoa.cm-lisboa.pt/index.php?id=2233&L=4 A friend of mine is visiting Italy at the moment, the last location I know he has been to was Siena. He says he is loving every moment of his trip and here I am super jealous of him :p In Portugal everyone started school yesterday too! How was getting back to school? Do you want to carry on with your studies and go to college? And if so, what do you plan on studying?

Even just the fact that you referred ti the feeling that song gives you as ‘being in love’ it makes me want to experience it even more♡.
Thanks for all the links!
My getting back to school wasn’t to bad, since I had only three hours of lessons. After the second day I left for Washington with nineteen of my schoolmates for a cultural exchange. I’m sorry about replying this late, but as you can understand I’ve been pretty busy (I’m currently lying in an Holiday Inn bed though~).
My dream would be attending a very prestigious Italian school where I could study International Politics, in order to work for NGOs such as Amnesty International, Save The Children… Specializing in journalism would be the top - following around the world all the volunteer workers, writing their stories, getting inspired.
How did your love for art grow? Also: what’s your favorite feeling?

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currently in Washington DC. ♡

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